We Clean em'!

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The Days of Stinky, Nasty Trash Cans are OVER.


After your garbage is picked up, simply leave your cans on the street & we clean them curbside.

We haul our own water supply and clean your trash cans using steaming hot water @ 3500psi, leaving your bins smelling fresh and bacteria free!

All waste water is reclaimed, hauled to waste facility & paid to have dumped to EPA standards. You’ll receive a text message alert once your cleaning service is complete.

For monthly and quarterly plans, we place a label on your cans to help our driver identify them for all future visits.

Let's Get You Scheduled!!

Schedule now & stop living with nasty trash cans...FOR GOOD! Limited spots available. (promo code: FRESH50 excludes One-Time Cleaning)

Our Most Popular Service! We'll see you once every 6 weeks. Say goodbye to dirty trash cans FOR GOOD! automated messages are sent so you'll easily remember to leave your cans out.

  • Hot-Cleaned & Deodorized
  • Waste Water Collected
  • 2 Bins Included
  • 1st Cleaning only $14.99 with PROMO CODE: FRESH50

If you want to try out our service without committing to continued freshness.

  • Hot-Cleaned & Deodorized
  • Waste Water Collected
  • 2 Bins Included
  • Only $58.99 with PROMO CODE : NEIGHBOR10

You'll LOVE That Our Service Truck:


Our sanitation service prevents disease ridden insects and rodents from bringing other health hazards into your home.


Our cleaning system kills 99% of harmful bacteria / viruses. Leaving your trash cans looking and smelling fresh!


No need to get out your hoses, pressure washers and hazmat gear to clean your bins. Let our trash can cleaning team handle your dirty work.


We offer affordable trash can cleaning services as a monthly, quarterly, or one time cleaning service.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I’ve got to give it up for Slam Garbage Cleaning - these guys are amazing! Dan and his team came by and cleaned my garbage cans that were, honestly, gross. They left them sparkling clean and smelling fresh with some awesome deodorizer. It’s been a huge relief, especially since I keep my cans in the garage.

What I love most is how easy everything is. Dan charges my card automatically, and I get a text reminder when it’s time to put out my cans. They come every other month, and it’s just fantastic.

Laura R.
Cary, NC


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Great service and good people. The results were much better than expected. We keep our trash cans in the garage which can at times get very smelly and offensive. Especially in warm/hot days. This service not only addressed that, but to our surprise made the garage smell great! I truly appreciate the punctuality and A+ service. I highly recommend!

Apex, NC


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Trash cans were very clean and smelled so much better. Will definitely continue with this service."

Melissa K.
Holly Springs, NC

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Dirty Cans Need LOVE

Our custom truck is fabricated to blast 200+ degree heated de-ionized water through a series of spinning pressurized jets. In just a few minutes, your garbage can is clean, sanitized and smelling fresh!



We've got A's for your Q's

Why don't you clean on the same day as garbage day?

Most garbage routes have a pickup time for each of their services at different times. For example, garbage can be picked up in the early morning, while yard/compost is picked up after 3pm.

Due to the inconsistent time schedules, we know we can almost guarantee the next day it will be empty, and ready for a full cleaning and sanitizing service. 

Can I switch out the cans that I get cleaned?

Unfortunately no, you can’t switch the cans that get cleaned each time. On monthly and quarterly cleanings, we place stickers on the front side of your garbage cans so we can identify which ones are to be serviced. We appreciate you adding a can to your plan to ensure we clean everything you’d like!  

How do I know when my cleaning days are?

There are two ways that you can find your cleaning days:

• Use the link we'll send you: when you schedule your recurring service you will receive a link to our client portal where you can see you next scheduled visits.

• Text alerts: We make it as easy as possible for you by sending text messages the day before your cleaning to remind you to leave your cans out.

What if I want to switch to once a month during the summer months?

No problem, just give us a call or email me at slamtrashcancleaning@gmail.com and I will reschedule all of your upcoming appointments and seamlessly change your invoice amount.